Thank God it’s Friday! We are double excited and i’ll tell you why.

First, it’s the weekend, obviously means it’s time for Netflix and chill. Remember we recommended movies for the summer, in case you missed it, read Here.

2. Its another edition of #StyleMaven. We shall be taking a look at a lady who really knows her stuff. We chose the word ‘maven’ because we’re featuring people who effortlessly remain stylish.

Let’s dig in shall we?

Today we are looking at fashionista Jordan Craig. She’ a model, fashion maven, blogger and a mom. Her bio on Instagram reads;

“Be a Girl with a Mind,
A Woman with Attitude
& A Lady with Class💎”

Isn’t that just powerful?

Checking out Jordy’s style, two words stand out for us; ‘classy’ and ‘comfortable’. Classy because it’s not really about what she wears, its about’ how’ she rocks it; when you look at a picture you can tell when someone is comfortable and when they are trying really hard to look good for the gram, either they suck in breath, fake smile, shaky legs on heels, and Jordy is none of that!

Let’s see some looks shall we!

Now, this is your regular palazzo pant with a crop top and waist bag; but then its the way she’s rocking it, the chosen colour scheme is very elegant, which is also revealed in the neckline and sleeves. She’s saying, I’m stylish and I don’t have to show too much ski to prove it 

Dinner date with son- but why not add a vegan fur jacket to add a touch of class? Most moms would never pair white faux-chinchilla with a baby boy but the classic manner in this picture makes us believe she’s got it under control.

But of cause we don’t have to tell you how stylish she is, we can just show you. Check out our favourite looks of Jordy in the gallery bellow.

P.S: Be like Jordy, wear everything with class!

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