So I know it’s Beauty Monday but today we are going to chat a little bit about Bonang’s FIRE 🔥 dress and how she survived it’s 9kg weight.

The fashion at South Africa’s annual Vodacom Durban July is always the topic of many headlines on The Monday After. And while I’m sure we will go into the hits and misses in another article, this one is all about the one who stole this year’s event: Bonang Matheba.

This year Queen B’s attendance had a lot more purpose than being at one of the biggest events on the South African Calendar, the debut of her The House Of BNG MCC brand was the talk of all the marquis and stood tall above the rest. Most didn’t know whether to stare at the opulent bar or the owner in the ombre fringe dress that curved her body in the most classy of ways.

In a clip posted by her fan page the B Force, we get to see the making of the Gert Johan-Coetzee dress. Bonang let everyone in on some startling facts however.

According to the star, the dress weighed around 9 kilograms. “My entire body was in pain,” she added.


Do you think you can carry around 9 kilograms on your body all day?

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