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Statistically, one of the issues affecting the progression of black people is missing the importance of family structure. Growing up in a loving home with both a mom and dad increases the chances of being moulded into young men and women who have the right foundation for achieving all they desire in life.

The consistent teaching that the black boy child gets from an early age is very key to who he becomes in society as a man. Ultimately as human beings, we are here to realize our destiny and fulfil purpose, but until we are given the right knowledge for our foundation, we will find it hard to become successful and walk a path of purpose.

When I was young, I fell in love with the arts. Whether it was painting, drawing or making music… that’s all I loved to do. That all changed when I hit the city lights of Johannesburg to study. I was pressured into a field I wasn’t really interested in-partly because my parents thought music wouldn’t get me far, and partly cause I also wanted to secure a great job. So when I was taken in by the crowd life, it was easy to fall into the wrong paths of drugs, women and alcohol. I got so derailed in those years that it took me almost a decade to finally get back into my path. I learned many things the hard way but today you get to learn them through me.

Before winning in your pursuit of relationships, studies, career, business, purpose, you have to learn the art of staying in your lane by instilling discipline within yourself. Here are 5 tips to practice in order to stay in your lane.

1. Get rid of bad friends who add no value in your life and surround yourself with the right kind of people. These people should be inspired, motivated, passionate, open-minded and grateful.

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2. Stop going to places that will have you engaging the kind of people you cut out. Avoid them at all cost until so much time has passed that their presence serves as a friendly catch up on how life is going and reflecting on how you can both do better than before.

3. Wake up every morning and declare good things over your life. Think more positive and speak more positive. Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits and habits become character.

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4. Put in the hours to get better at your talents/skills and all that you are passionate about. If they are desires inscribed in your heart, they are not for nothing. A misconception that people and especially men tend to have is that “If I have talent, I’m good” but talent is just the catalyst to passion and hard work is the cost of turning talent to mastering.

5. Follow your heart when it comes to career path you wish to take. Don’t let anyone discourage you and project their failures or standards on you. Friends, including well-meaning ones, tend to give their experiences as bible truth that your experience will be the same, but if life has proven anything in life, it’s that we all have our own allergies.

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So many factors have the potential to derail us but once you have achieved that breakthrough within yourself, you can achieve all that you set your mind to do. We all have potential to do and achieve great things in life, we are just not taught to work on ourselves first.

“but if life has proven anything in life, it’s that we all have our own allergies.”

Let’s be encouraged to move different as black men. Let us intentionally wake up and make decisions to better our lives and those who are in our presence. We have to understand that it is key to change within in order to change without. The black boy child needs good reference so we have to become. It is time we change the narrative.

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