In a year of creative expansion, Vlisco finds wedding inspiration in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Enjoyed by African women for over 170 years, Vlisco’s distinctive fabrics continue evolving through explorations of creativity and craftsmanship. Inspired by everyday moments in women’s lives, Vlisco now forges ahead with an ever-expanding portfolio dedicated to creating fabrics that make moments magic. In 2019, the textile manufacturer introduced a new range of qualities and printing methods, including additional gold, silver, and metallic embellishments applied to Wax Hollandais and WaxWax. Vlisco has also released a cotton satin fabric quality with a soft shine and easy drape. Printed onto this cotton satin is a recent product called Wax GlitterGlam, heavily embellished and perfect for weddings. This season, Vlisco explores opportunities for introducing these new elements within the three-tiered weddings of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Inspired by the beauty of DRC wedding ceremonies, Vlisco sought to introduce the right kinds of fabrics for all three stages: traditional, civil, and religious.

The traditional wedding

Starting with the traditional wedding, joining together the couple and their two families together in a ceremonial bond, an expressive Wax Hollandais print was selected to suit the couple’s unique style. And since no wedding is complete without some fierce shimmer, the bride is decked from headwrap to hem in gold accents. 

The civil wedding

The civil wedding is approached as a romantic and lighter day affair, choosing the same vivid fabric design in two different colours. These elegant complementary garments in embellished WaxWax link purple to teal and, bride to groom.

Religious wedding

GlitterGlam is picture-perfect for the religious wedding, drawing in external influences for white wedding looks. Filled to the brim with silver embellishment, this eye-catching gown shines from every angle. 

Wedding guest looks

Choose an elegant WaxWax or GlitterGlam for the most stunning red carpet looks. Guests will steal the show in magnificent floral stylisations, pink champagne metallics, and bold gold appliqués. Each fabric breathes new life into the woman who wears it.

Vlisco has been designing and manufacturing textiles since 1846. Made with time-honoured methods and materials in the Netherlands, these fabrics have been released in more than 350,000 original textile designs, many of which have become cultural treasures. Vlisco’s highly expressive and creative clientele all across Central and West Africa transform Vlisco products into the unique creations that make these fabrics meaningful.

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