Everyday, new and improved products and services are born in the wellness industry. Here are our top 6 favourite health & wellness discoveries!

Check out our favourite health, wellness and fitness discoveries:

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favourite wellness discoveries!

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favourite wellness discoveries!

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favourite wellness discoveries!

When it comes to fitness as a woman, we all know that there is no one formula complex factor that determines your body type. There is a huge difference between body type and body shape. This is a discovery that is ever-evolving. New facts are being found on a daily basis that help fitness professionals curate programs that can benefit just about EVERYBODY. These programs are there to help create the most optimal fitness levels for your body type. And yes, they will transform your body shape!

One of our favourite fitness professionals Cassandra Odri, Founder of Cass Fitness, works with your personal set of circumstances to help you get achieve your body fitness goals. Wether it be as your personal coach at home; in the park with your friends, or at a gym of your choice!

Read all about Cass Fitness Here:

Introducing Cass Fitness: Fitness For All Shapes Of All Women!

favourite wellness discoveries!
Cassandra Odri Cass Fitness

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