Summer season is over but that doesn’t mean our travel plans should be. Have you ever been to Nigeria? If you haven’t, you should definitely make plans to visit. It is an interesting country with unique cultures and traditions coupled with lots of cool tourist places to visit, click here to see.

Considering the predominantly hot climate in Nigeria, it is important to plan ahead before visiting Nigeria. I’ll share key things you should have in your bag when planning your trip to Nigeria. But before that, here is a tip to guide your choices; in Nigeria, you should dress for comfort and convenience. Over here, we slay with wisdom. You may decide to wear a cute turtle neck sweatshirt to slay them guys but the weather will send you home looking a pack of melted ice. Not a good look

The weather in Nigeria is generally hot throughout the year. However, there are varying weather temperatures. The hottest month in Lagos, Nigeria is February with temperatures averaging 28°C. In contrast, July is the city’s coldest month with an average temperature of 24°C. Now that we know all these, there are five things you MUST pack for a holiday trip to Nigeria.


You already know why, the sun’s rays can be hazardous to your eyes so you should definitely protect yourself. Second reason is, people stare! Yes you read right. Especially when you visit the local markets and you don’t exactly blend in. I usually trip when people stare at me intently, so i always have my sunshades handy. It protects my eyes from the sun and also unwarranted long intent stares. You’ll thank me later.

Power Bank:

If you live outside Nigeria, this may sound absurd but i assure you, it is very important. The Nigeria government is still struggling to keep it’s promise of steady power supply so there are periods of power outages in a day. A power bank is quite important. You don’t want to be stranded with a dead phone, a lot can happen when your phone is dead, your boyfriend can make a post and delete proposal to your best friend.

A bottle of water:

I know by now you’re probably laughing by now, a bottle of water really? But fam, the truth is, Nigeria is hot. Therefore you need to stay hydrated! Scratch that, you don’t need a bottle of water, you need bottles of water.

Comfortable clothes:

I can’t stress this enough. Comfort first! Your wardrobe packing list should include comfy, light and colorful clothes. loose, lightweight, and light-colored clothes are best for hot weather conditions such as those in Lagos, Nigeria.

A friend:

Especially as a first timer, you absolutely need a friend to navigate Lagos. It is easy for foreigners to get lost in Lagos, as it is such a big and busy city. It is usually an overwhelming experience.  You definitely need someone to pick you up from the airport, recommend nice hotels and restaurants and speak ‘pidgin or broken’ English at the bus parks and markets. Where can you find such a friend? Me of course!


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