The notion of beauty, success and the accessibility of luxury in the UK has long been whitewashed, with the needs of black women not readily being catered for in the mainstream giving credence to the notion that the requirements of this community are insignificant.

The UK high street has recently taken note of this and there has been a noticeable increase in retailers stocking hair products for women of colour. This is however very hair focussed and there is nothing currently in the luxury sector for skin.

Kora Naturals is a UK based, luxury skincare brand for women of colour. Established in 2010 by owner Corrine Hayford-Kwatchey who started the business from her kitchen, hand making body butters, oils and lip balms to sell at fairs and exhibitions. Since then the brand has evolved as Corrine aspired to progress beyond the homemade artisan market and to establish a community focussed, sustainable, viable business.

The message that Kora Naturals seeks to portray is that:

“True beauty is colour blind – we are all God’s beautiful creation. Throughout history the struggle of black women has been consistent. For too long we have been oppressed by a spirit of inferiority, being used to meet the needs and wants of others. We also deserve our needs catered to in mainstream society and that success and luxury are not and should not be for the elite minority but is achievable and accessible to all who understand that they are deserving. I would like to emphasise that though this is an Afrocentric brand it is also inclusive and that the overarching goal is one of equality, fairness and community empowerment.” – Corrine, owner & founder Kora Naturals.

Corrine emphesises that with Kora Naturals, they seek to encourage ethical and eco awareness as a lifestyle. The name Kora, is taken from the Twi word for calabash, a common natural utensil in Africa and the Caribbean. It is widely recognised as a reference to the natural or ‘Ital’ lifestyle of using organic, unrefined products.
The highest quality organic and wild crafted African butters and oils are used in our formulations. We will never use any artificial colours, chemicals, synthetic or animal derived ingredients.

If you would like to connect with Kora Naturals contact them on:Email:
[email protected]
Tel: +44 07404 168504
Instagram, Facebook & Twitter: @koranaturals


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