Stormzy applauded for the increase in Black Students into Cambridge University.

UK-Based Ghanaian grime super Stormzy credited with helping increase the number of black student admissions at Cambridge University.

According to newspaper reports the 26-year-old music superstar, Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo has helped inspire a record number of black students to study at Cambridge University. This all started as part of a program aimed at sending academically brilliant black students to Cambridge University. This has helped in the upsurge in the number of black students being admitted to the university this year. There were about 91 black students who were admitted to the university this year. This was  about 50% of the 91 students from the 61 who started courses in autumn in 2018.


Stormzy with Black students accepted into Cambridge 

This upsurge of black students admissions has urged Stormzy to continue to cover tuition fees and other related expenses for 2 more chosen students from a list of applicants this year.

Another person lauded for helping in this increase was Courtney Daniella. A Cambridge graduate and YouTube influencer, was also credited with helping encourage more applications. This was after she appeared in videos designed to challenge misconceptions around studying at the university.

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