The concept of life itself is best described as a blank canvas. We all have the power, and authority to paint on our canvas whatsoever we choose.

As a little girl, I was overly inquisitive.

What exactly shapes ones character? What are the thought processes that lead to decision making? What made the mad man mad? What made my uncle wicked and why are humans always so full of complaints…

As I got older, I came to the conclusion that life was weird. I couldn’t understand people, I couldn’t even understand myself. Today I want to be the nurse I met at the clinic, next tomorrow, my yearn would be a cool well dressed banker. Other days I wanted to be like Amaka, my mother’s sales girl, attending to lots of people and always counting money. I always asked myself what if I choose one profession and years later I realize I made a bad decision? I try to sit and ponder; how do I know what to paint on my canvas? My pondering fetched me fear. Fear of making the wrong decision.

I argued with myself and with anyone who tried to advice me. Finally I chose to be a biochemist convinced this was my path. But alas, I was wrong. Through experience I’ve come to the realization that I belong in the creative media space. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel bad for the wrong choice of study instead I came to the understanding that it’s a far greater risk to remain a tightly closed bud than the risk it takes daily to push myself to blossom. I’ve come to understand that my growth is Omni- directional. Growing in the understanding of myself and the world around me.

My fear comes on a daily, will I achieve my goals?
Am I still yet moving in the right direction? But now, my curiosity surpasses my fear. The need to find out, I need to know. It is my life and nobody can paint my canvas for me. That is why I am here, to dominate and conquer not just the world but myself.


Life may never present a clean slate to us, but we can pause momentarily to focus on the colors we are painting? What stories are we consciously sharing with the world, if your life was a blank canvas, what would you write on it?



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