Hey foodies! I will be sharing the recipe for African salad today, locally known as ‘Abacha’ in Nigeria.

African salad is a delicious Nigerian meal that is native to the Ndi Igbo (people of the Igbo tribe) and is one of the most popular Igbo Recipe and also my personal favorite.

Abacha – as we Igbos love to call it, is one of the most popular desserts in the eastern villages, it serves best as kola to visitors. It is highly nutritious as it is made from a blend of natural and fresh ingredients.

If you haven’t had this, you’re missing out!

My friends usually tease me that someone can easily kidnap me with the promise of a well garnished plate of Abacha. Well, I don’t think they are right, am not an addict (yet) but Abacha is definitely a must eat!  Here are the ingredients you need;

Ingredients for African Salad;

6 to 8 cups of Abacha (African Salad) {image above}
Ehu 3 seeds (optional)
1 to 2 cups Of Ugba (Ukpaka)
half cup of crayfish
1 to 2 cubes of Maggi
100ml of palm oil
Garden egg leaves
Salt and pepper to taste.
3 to 5 garden eggs

These ingredients are easily accessible in your local market. Now let’s get to cooking!

You can either heat or soak the dried Abacha in boiled water for about three minutes, then sieve and keep on a separate bowl.

Ground the Ehu seeds

Blend your crayfish together with fresh pepper and also slice the onions, garden egg leaves.

Add about 100ml of palm oil into a dry pot with low heat

Add onions and fry for about two minutes

Add the blended crayfish together with the fresh pepper and stir mixture

Add magi and salt to taste and mix properly

Now add your wet Abacha  to the mixture and stir evenly

This is the first part to making Abacha (African Salad), Stir very well to get the yellowish color. Then add the ground ehu if you like.

Ugba is an important ingredient in the process of making African salad, it is considered incomplete without the present of this ingredient. Ugba is usually sold in most Nigerian markets or African shops (if you live outside Nigeria). Add the ugba to the mixture and stir.

The garden eggs, the leaves and the onions are used mostly to spice up the meal and not added during preparation but while dishing out. They are often sliced and kept aside in different plates or bowls, then added while individual plates are dished out; this also goes for the meat or fish used.

Serve with the fish and also add the garden eggs (sliced) and leaves to individual plate, most people in the rural centers like to take African salad with palm wine. So get a bottle of palm wine or your favorite soft drink and voila! You are on your way to heaven.

Thank me later!

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