Music composition for many musicians is an expression of several personal and social occurrences relating to love, joy, sadness, culture and more. Legendary Zimbabwean singer, Shingai places all that into motion when writing her songs especially now that she has detached herself from the band Noisettes to focus on her solo project.

With an extended play titled Ancient Futures to be released soon. The singer has blessed her fans with a new single; Home Coming, taken from the EP with inspiration drawn from her uncle, Dr Thomas Mapfumo, a music legend in Zimbabwean. There seems to be a lot on her plate regarding her solo effort in addition to the EP, she will headline The Jazz Café on Wednesday 17th April 2019, at 5 Parkway Camden Town London. Click Here to grab your tickets.

“When the Noisettes flew to Zimbabwe to perform at HiFA (Harare International Festival of Arts) it was a phenomenal moment for us as a band. It had such an inspirational effect on me as an artist and we will never forget the joyful welcome we received”, Shingai reveals.

“Coming Home is my klaxon call for the diaspora to reunite with those at home and build a bridge of hope. Many of us are scattered and undernourished by the environments we have found ourselves in. We are still healing. ‘Coming Home’ is an ode to our resilience and optimism, even through the chaos. We are loving people and this is a love song for the future. As a child and even now, whenever ‘Shumba’ plays, I smile inside. I feel proud of my roots and am able to keep persevering”, she added.

She wrote and co-directed the accompanying visuals to the uplighting track, shot on location in the majestic mountains of Domboshava and the bustling capital of Harare, Zimbabwe. Using local talents to showcase the beautiful magnificent scenery of Zimbabwe, and the Behind the Scenes of the video was featured in the final episode of BBC 2’s eye-opening four-part series ‘Africa with Ade Adepitan’ last weekend.

With an effervescent soundscape, the ‘Ancient Futures’ EP is fearlessly infused with soulful yet boisterous energy, which is both electrifying and compelling. In an over-saturated market where evolution and authenticity may be the artist’s key to sustainability, Shingai may well be breaking the boundaries of pop before it consumes itself.

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